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LIGHTPATH Now Available for Demo in Australia

LIGHTPATH Now Available for Demo in Australia

BlueZone UVS is pleased to offer the innovative PhotoSynergy LIGHTPATH product for demonstration in Australia. LIGHTPATH is a range of fibre lighting systems have been in operation in the North Sea for 4 years, principally used to illuminate dive umbilicals but also increasingly to delineate structures on the seabed and tether lines.

The LIGHTPATH concept is a very simple one and potential applications are numerous. LIGHTPATH is a patented fibre illumination system a concept that is based on side-emitting optical fibre creating a continuous and flexible line of light only 5mm diameter and typically 75m in length that carries only light and no electrical power.

An SLS5000 unit with a 30m length of fibre is available for demonstration in Australia. The SLS5000 is the standard lighting source  recommended for saturation dive umbilicals, requires only 7W of power from 12/24 VDC and comes with helium relief valve and optional switch. SLS5000 units are depth rated to 500m and available with green, blue or white output. The 5mm diameter fibre is supplied to length with our proprietary wet-mate OPL2 optical coupling at one end (or at both ends for double-injection systems).

BlueZone Offshore Oil& Gas GM, Mark Musarra, said that UVS would be pleased to offer a 'value-add' service for many customers who require re-termination and repair of dive umbilicals. "When we have a dive umbilical in our workshop for maintenance, this would be a good time to add the LIGHTPATH technology, said Mark, "The LIGHTPATH fibre can simply be wound into the lay of an existing umbilical for retro-fit of the illumination system."

When coupled to either the SLS5000 or SLS9000, the fibre presents a continuous line of light indicating the route of the umbilical. This can be from both Saturation and Wet bells. The increased visibility is beneficial to both the individual diver, his colleagues in the water, the Bell man and the supporting ROV pilots, who can monitor for potential umbilical snagging risks. The individual diver can be identified by the use of different illumination colours.

          Seatooth LIGHTPATH is a combination of two innovative technologies to revolutionise diver safety.


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